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About Us, The Canal Day Committee

Our goal is to create events in our village and town, so we can give back to the community we love so much.  

Our Story

Our Committee is built up of like-minded individuals who have one goal.  Create events for our little community and have as much fun doing it.  We love our community, and the people in it. This is our way of giving back. This all started as a dream project in the parking lot of the Town of Mentz building after a town meeting to where it is today. 

Thank you all for your continued support.  

Meet The Team

Melissa Traver


We, The Port Byron Canal Day committee, host all of our events on a very limited budget.  Every single penny that is donated to us, baught a raffle ticket, duck derby ticket, a bottle of water,and everything inbetween.  Goes directly back into hosting the next event. We volenteer all of our time and energy into our events, so we can make them as big as possible. 

With out donations from small businesses, community members and volenteers we wouldnt be able to host these events.  So thank you so very much.  

We are currently working on our 501c, (not for profit), so all future donations can be a tax write off.  We know thats important for faithful donors and we are working very hard on that. 

Want to donate?

We have many different ways that indivuals or groups can donate. These funds go directly into the planning of the next upcoming events.  

Venmo: @portbyroncanalday
Cashapp: @portbyroncanalday
Mail: PO Box xxx
Port Byron, NY  13140

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